Recommended Watching This Weekend

The annual Code conference is a treasure trove of insights and information from the A-LIst of the tech world, and this year doesn't disappoint. If you have time, you should really try to review most of the content, but here are four presentations/interviews worth watching this weekend.

The first is Mary Meeker's annual "state of the internet" update ... a fast paced review of key trends ... and it is required watching every year, in my opinion.

The second, Walt's interview with Jeff Bezos at, is filled with interesting perspectives, and data points. Amazon will continue to be a powerful force in retail, infrastructure, logistics and AI for years to come, and Jeff's vision is worth understanding.

The third is Sundar Pichai, CEO Google who covers where Google is heading with AI, how they are trying to make it easier and more helpful to consumers, and some of the ways in which they are thinking about complex issues such as privacy.

The final is Elon Musk's interview with Kara and Walt. Elon is one of the key influencers of our time, and is involved in a number of groundbreaking investments on earth and in space. Worth understanding this fascinating individual, and his vision and insights. He also delivers a simple overview of what it takes to really launch a rocket and then recover it .. appealing to your inner geek.