Build A Company That Attracts The Next Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs joined Atari in 1973. On his very first day, he walked into founder Nolan Bushnell’s office and said “I think you have a really awesome company. I think that everything is pretty good, but I’ve seen your soldering connections and they’re really crappy.” to which, although somewhat taken aback, Nolan Bushnell replied, “Well, let’s fix them.” and Jobs did.

So what made Atari a company so attractive to Steve Jobs that he actually walked in off the street and demanded a job?

Recently Bushnell, in his book called "Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Hire, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent", describes the culture and the allure that was so critical to hiring and keeping creative talent like Jobs.

Don't forget that many of the famous entrepreneurs of our time all started out working for someone in the beginning.

How are you going to attract this sort of talent? Below is a great interview with Nolan Bushnell that's worth a watch.