Inspiring young entrepreneurs

At the recent Next Web Conference Europe, two 13-year olds showcased their companies. Inspiring stuff for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Jordan Casey is the founder and CEO of Casey Games, a mobile gaming company he founded in 2012.

Puck Meerburg is a very talented young coder from the Netherlands, who has just released a fun new game called CatStacker.

For those of you who are interested in helping your kids learn to code at a very young age, LifeHacker recently published an excellent article on the subject. In addition, CoderDojo in Los Angeles has a great page summarizing some of the coding tools available to kids.

Finally, there is an excellent Ted Talk by Mitch Resnick, who reasons that true fluency comes from creating with, not just interacting with technologies. He also outlines some great resources in his talk "Let's Teach Kids to Code".  More can be found here on the TED Blog.