Dogpatch Labs gives startups the room - and expertise - to thrive

Dogpatch, which was created by Polaris Venture Partners, is a shared space designed to connect entrepreneurs and help founders conceive and launch startups. Aspiring entrepreneurs are offered desk space, bandwidth, coffee and even lunch.  The locations (San Francisco, New York and Boston) are wide-open fun spaces that are typically shared with a more established local startup.

To quote Dogpatch:

But we are much more than a physical space — we are a community of like minded entrepreneurs who share a spirit of “open source entrepreneurship,” the idea that, particularly at the very earliest of stages, we all benefit by fostering connection points between and amongst entrepreneurs and startups.  Whether it is sharing space, sharing ideas, sharing referrals, networking, or just hanging out, we all thrive on the flow of ideas, people and relationships. So, in addition to a workspace, we also use the lab frequently as a meeting place — for dinner events, brown bag lunch talks, workshops, conferences, symposia and good ole’ pizza and beer nights.

It's also a wonderfully subversive way for Polaris to meet and build relationships with great young entrepreneurs, often at the very earliest stages of their businesses.

Here's a look inside the Dogpatch Labs facility in San Francisco.


For more information on Dogpatch, click here.