Making Music On The Go

There's no doubt that the iPad has revolutionized music creation on the go. From apps like Garageband (which really set the bar) to newer entrants from old standards like Image Line (FL Mobile), the quality of this ecosystem has risen exponentially over the last year.

Over the past few months, as I've sat on numerous airplanes, I've had a chance to play with some of this stuff ... and it's been a ton of fun. However, beyond the sheer enjoyment of creating music, we as mobile app developers can learn a lot from our counterparts in this space. I often marvel at the cunning way in which these developers have created stunning and efficient user experiences. Trust me, it's really worth taking a look ...

Making music is not something I get a chance to do very often, and it's not something that I'd argue I have a huge amount of skill at, but these applications greatly facilitate the process of taking an idea from your head to the real world in a way that I don't think has been possible before.

In a way, these tools are doing for music creation what digital cameras have done for photography ... democratizing it.

Happy New Year!