Hi, I'm Mark Ruddock.

I'm an experienced international CEO with two successful exits and over 20 years of experience at the helm of VC backed technology and fintech startups.

I've both founded companies, and come in as a later stage CEO to help existing companies scale. My experience spans multi-country online financial services, mission critical enterprise software and consumer-focused mobile applications.

I've recently returned to the supervisory board of 4finance, after completing a year as interim CEO. At 4finance, we are leveraging deep technology and data science to build a mobile-first, customer focused business that delivers compelling financial products and services to those underserved by traditional financial institutions. Today, we are Europe’s largest online consumer lender, with over $500MM in revenue and 3,500 employees serving customers across 17 countries. The company is a proven and trusted alternative to conventional bank lending. With half the world's adult population still financially underserved, the potential is significant.

I joined 4finance after being the CEO of Finstar Labs. Finstar Labs mission is to identify, invest in and help create the cutting edge user experiences, enabling technologies, and data science that will lay the foundation for the next generation of alternative financial services.

Prior to that, I was Managing Director, International at Wonga, responsible for overseeing all businesses outside of the UK, including our consumer lending operations in Canada, Spain, Poland and South Africa and our eCommerce and product financing business BillPay in Germany.

In December 2010, I joined StatusNet as interim CEO, with a mandate of helping identify strategic options for the firm. We launched a world class enterprise Social Software offering in July 2011 that saw over 10K communities sign-up in first 12 weeks. The company was named one of the 10 Canadian Cloud companies to watch in May 2011 by IDC.StatusNet is now part of GNU Social.

Prior to that I was CEO of the fast rising mobile software company, Viigo, which was acquired in March 2010 by Research in Motion (makers of the BlackBerry).

I had joined Viigo in August 2007 after having worked with the company for eight months as EIR at Ventures West. We subsequently raised funding from both Ventures West, and RBC Venture Partners, and initiated a rapid expansion of people, partners and products.

By the time the company was acquired, Viigo had added hundreds of partners, won numerous awards, including “PC Magazine’s Editors Choice“, “WES Best of Show”. the “Most Promising New Company of the Year” from the CNMA, and the “Wireless Leadership Award” from RIM, had signed marquee enterprise customers such as Oppenheimer, UBS, BAT and Scotts and had been downloaded millions of times ... in fact, becoming one of the most popular BlackBerry applications of all time.

Prior to my stint at Viigo, I had the pleasure of working with long time friends at Ventures West as Entrepreneur in Residence. I joined Ventures West after the acquisition of INEA, a Ventures West portfolio company I’d founded a number of years before. During my tenure at VW, I was involved in identifying and evaluating investment opportunities in the Web 2.0 and Mobile sectors - a far cry from the enterprise software space I'd grown up in. If you ever get a chance to be an EIR, I strongly recommend it.

As the founding CEO of INEA, a software company focused on the Financial Services Industry, I lead a fast growing organization that became a key strategic partner to many of the world's leading financial institutions. By 2005 INEA had deployments in over 44 countries worldwide, and was backed by RBC Venture partners, Ventures West, APAX Partners and Edgestone Capital. After its acquisition in June 2005, by the Cartesis Group, I joined the Paris-based management team as Chief Product Officer, and led the successful integration of the two companies. Cartesis was subsequently acquired by Business Objects in 2007.

I sometimes pass the time, when travelling on planes, making a little music on my iPad, or Macbook Pro. I know, I know, don't quit your day job. 

Once in a while, my camera comes along for the ride ...